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Space Planning for a New Premises

Finding the right space for a new business venture requires considerable research, particularly when committing to a long commercial lease, with the intent to fit-out the tenancy to suit the business. Whether it is a café, restaurant, retail venture or commercial workplace, engaging your interior designer to ‘test-fit’ your space before signing your lease will give you the assurance that the space will work in the best way possible.

This important research is a minor investment compared to committing to the wrong space, and may even highlight opportunities for negotiation with the landlord. This may include requesting that the landlord contribute to the cost of base building works, which will alleviate your fit-out costs and add value to their property. If you decide to move ahead with the lease, you are already one step ahead in the design process with your schematic planning.

When undertaking a ‘test-fit’, your interior designer will require accurate overall internal dimensions of the space, and a clear brief of all the elements that need to be accommodated. For instance in a café design, this may include size of service counter, number of point-of-sales, size and quantity of equipment items (like display fridges and coffee machines) and number seating positions to be accommodated. What looks like plenty of space in a vacant tenancy, may quickly become unworkable when filled with all your requirements!

The test-fit will also enable your interior designer to ensure that key dimensions are able to be achieved; like workable area behind a counter and compliant paths of access and egress for your staff and customers. There are minimum standards for corridor widths, area in and around doors and accessibility to the right number of toilet facilities that need to be allowed for in your test-fit, to ensure your interior will comply.

CoLAB Design Studio can offer invaluable support as you consider your tenancy options. We test-fit for a complete range of businesses, from hospitality to retail and commercial workplace (and everything in-between!). CoLAB Design Studio can provide this all-important assurance, so you can enter your lease with confidence.

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