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Interior Design up Front.

Interior Design is all about placing people in architecture, ensuring that the environment they inhabit responds holistically to their needs. It is, after all, within the interior that we live our lives, not standing outside our buildings looking in. Unfortunately the absence of interior design expertise is evidenced in so much of the architecture around us, which can be drastically mis-aligned with the identity, movement and simple requirements of its inhabitants. The unique expertise of an interior designer is able to contribute to a project from the very start, and has the capacity to shape our architecture and humanise our buildings from the inside-out.

Investment in professional interior design ensures that the interior floor planning optimises every opportunity to increase sales value and demonstrate a point of difference in an ever more competitive market. When given the task of reviewing floor plans, the exercise isn’t unlike a game of Tetris. In some projects we have revealed opportunities for an additional bedroom, a study, powder rooms and additional storage, absorbing every inch into a saleable asset and point of difference. For multi-residential developments, we ensure that our kitchens, vanities and other cabinetry elements are applied like a kit of parts, and the apartment layouts are planned to facilitate this. Our interior design fees are quickly neutralised in the efficiencies our clients gain in construction and the increased value to the market.

So when is the best time to engage an interior designer? Right at the start, in collaboration with the architect! A good interior designer offers space planning as their fundamental skill. They should create synergy between the building’s architecture and the habitable space within, whilst responding to the local market’s expectations. With the space planning perfected, the joinery, finishes, fittings and equipment selection are made to suit, creating interiors that will capture the hearts of your buyers every time.

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