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Top Tips for Custom Kitchen Design

In October's article, CoLAB Design Studio discussed the value of custom kitchen design in a real-estate market saturated with flat-pack renovations.

This month we deliver our 10 TIPS FOR A GREAT CUSTOM KITCHEN!

  1. Design should be aligned to the style, proportion and flow of the home. A holistic approach is the key to embedding maximum value into the fabric of the building.

  2. Understand how you move around your kitchen Eg. “I need my cling wrap stored near my Tupperware for maximum lunch-prep. efficiency”… “I need my toaster next to my coffee machine during the family breakfast rush!”

  3. Design for longevity, not to be on trend. Good design is timeless and has the capacity to transcend the next season colour forecast.

  4. Don’t cut corners on quality materials. Solid timber, natural timber veneer and stone will stand the test of time and trend. Granite still out-performs the man-made alternative and comes in every imaginable colour!

  5. Don’t be fooled by the big name brands; be open-minded when it comes to appliance selection. Do your own research and take advantage of manufacturer’s cooking demonstrations and training seminars.

  6. Balance a majority of concealed storage with some display storage in your kitchen. Use these areas for restrained display of objects (no junk collections on display!). A carefully curated collection of glassware, stoneware or cook books adds character to your kitchen. This is were the latest colour trends may feature.

  7. Delight is in the detail! What goes on behind the kitchen drawers and doors should be just as well considered as the door fronts! Consider the use of every drawer, cupboard and shelf, and fit out the storage spaces to suit… you’ll wonder how you lived without a Tupperware drawer and integrated knife block!!

  8. Invest in good joinery hardware (hinges, drawer runners and integrated lighting). These are the mechanics that keep your kitchen investment running for years to come.

  9. Collaborate actively with your Designer and Joiner; the completed kitchen will be so much more satisfying! Request finished material samples for sign-off, view your Joiner’s raw timber selection in the factory and select your stone slabs direct from the factory to get something that is uniquely your own. Your Designer will be there to advise.

  10. Prepare your mind for something different… its hard to visualise a new layout and kitchen style, so don’t be afraid to ask your designer to talk through every element, and look for inspiration on resources like Pinterest to make the mental shift.​

Top Tips for Custom Kitchen Design

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