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Trish Turner



An expert Design and Documentation Director in addition to her strong Conceptual Design skills, Trish leads all aspects of CoLAB's project delivery with technical precision and efficiency. With a depth of project experience across all industry sectors, Trish has established the high documentation standards that CoLAB has become known for, whilst translating design vision into buildable solutions.  Trish also directs all aspects of CoLAB's business operations and terms of client engagement to ensure the successful operation of this small creative business.



A strong Conceptual Designer, Anna drives the project Vision, leading with strong design convictions and an ability to create a unique narrative around each project.  With a previous career in public relations and marketing, Anna offers a well tuned understanding of brand identity and communication to our clients. Committed to creating design outcomes that are unexpected and inspiring, Anna is custodian of CoLAB's client relationships and is often primary contact for clients throughout their project journey, ensuring a positive creative process for all involved.    

Anna Drummond

CoLAB Design Studio is a collaborative venture between Melbourne designers Anna Drummond and Trish Turner.  The studio developed from Anna Drummond's solo practice, which was nominated in the Australian Interior Design Industry Awards for Best Emerging Design Practice and for Best Hospitality Design in 2011.  On the back of these successes and a quickly expanding client base, Trish Turner joined Anna Drummond to establish the new CoLAB Design Studio in 2012.


Trish Turner - Melbourne Interior Designer, Director/Partner of CoLAB Design Studio.
Anna Drummond - Melbourne Interior Designer, Director/Partner of CoLAB Design Studio.
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