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The Fish Market

272 Bridge Road, Richmond

‘The Fish Market’ spruiks a zesty new take on the fish and chip family favourite.  The  combination of market fresh fish mongering with foodie flair evokes all that is joyful about a classic ‘fish n chip’ feed, right down to the warm paper packaging.


Beyond the market-inspired fishmongers counter, the interior employs a utilitarian palette of honest materials, set amidst the shop’s crumbly red brick walls.  Stacked besser blocks, painted concrete floors and white tiled benches are all reminiscent of the market setting, punctuated by pops of retro signage, natural rope and timber plank cladding.  


Recalling fond memories of weekend family feeds, the dining room is anchored by a giant communal picnic table perched over a painted tartan rug.  The bespoke interior, furniture, branding and graphics, all designed by CoLAB offer a quirky reinterpretation of a familiar favourite.

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