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This model 1980’s home is a capsule of modernist suburban Melbourne, lovingly revived for a new generation of family life by CoLAB Design Studio.  An original Ritter Davis design, the house is characterised by chocolatey brown brickwork and cedar paneling and features luminous lead-light glass paneling by artist Alan Sumner.  

CoLAB's design brief was to wholly embrace the retro exuberance, restoring much of the original cabinetry and fixtures, even restoring the original brass down-lights and mirrored ceilings.  The modernist detailing was reinterpreted into the new interiors, including a walnut kitchen and terrazzo clad bathing spaces.  The use of bold colour creates a rich contrast against the original materiality of the home and the client’s collection of vintage artwork and glazed ceramics. 

Photography: Shannon McGrath

Balwyn North House

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