November 9, 2017

In October's article, CoLAB Design Studio discussed the value of custom kitchen design in a real-estate market saturated with flat-pack renovations. 

This month we deliver our 10 TIPS FOR A GREAT CUSTOM KITCHEN!   

  1. Design should be aligned to the style, proportion and flow of the home.  A holistic approach is the key to embedding maximum value into the fabric of the building.

  2. Understand how you move around your kitchen Eg. “I need my cling wrap stored near my Tupperware for maximum lunch-prep. efficiency”… “I need my toaster n...

October 3, 2017

The era of the ‘kit’ kitchen has made this real-estate facelift all the more attainable, but with a standard set of modules, finishes and styles rolled out across the suburbs, a kit kitchen is immediately identifiable.  Unfortunately the true investment potential of a kitchen renovation is often undermined by taking off-the-shelf short-cuts in the valuable heart of the home.

July 25, 2017

The interior design process for any project type should be a collaborative journey where the designer guides their client through a clear set of stages, from initial briefing through to completion of the build.  A clearly staged project program ensures there is clarity around the designer’s project deliverables, and the client’s obligations to give feedback and make decisions in a timely manner.  Each design stage should align with a clear invoicing schedule.  It is typical for an interior designer to charge an ‘engagement’ fee at the commence...